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propuh aKickstarter based on Slavic folk beliefs

Ever heard of Propuh? It is a very well-known and dreaded phenomenon in Slavic countries: draught. Draught - yes... draught! In the Netherlands too, we know the superstition that standing in a draught can make you sick/cold. In Slavic countries this superstition goes even further and draught can cause much more misery than just a cold.

Croatian-based Interhuman Games has designed a game based on Propuh with a wink. You have to try to keep grandma (‘Granny’) out of the draft. By playing cards you can prevent the door and window from being open at the same time.

There are three places in Granny's cottage where she hangs out: the stove, the bed and the table. In the solo variant you play Granny, in the two-player variant one plays Granny and the other Propuh. If you manage to put a card down in a spot that the other cannot trump, you put your token there. To win, there must be a certain number of green (Granny) or red (Propuh) tokens in the various spots in the house. You play on until someone wins. Move Granny at the beginning of each new round to take an extra Propuh token away at that spot.

The cottage, tokens and tiles are truly handcrafted. The wood is beautifully carved. You feel like you are holding something very special and authentic. You can get Granny in two versions: three-dimensional made of plastic with rolling pin in hand or two-dimensional made of wood. The game is simple and does not involve much more than tic-tac-toe. You shouldn't buy it because of the game mechanism, but because of how it looks and the funny idea behind it. It would be an ideal game to bring back as a souvenir from, say, Croatia. That is not possible at the moment, but it is possible to purchase it via Gamefound as a kickstarter (until 22th June 2024). By the way: when I asked my Serbian colleagues whether Propuh is really such a well-known phenomenon, they laughed and told me that in Serbia, people joke that ‘work and draughts are the people's greatest enemies’.



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